Bad Santa


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Barfly & Dogfly, Derek, Jonathan, Jake (left), Horace


Lavi2.jpg (104189 bytes) YAHRATZONE EX

Lavi, Yahratzone, Kimberly (Dealing with a critic of her poetry) (click for her book), Ex, OliveEue


WOLFY DEMO JPav.jpg (10038 bytes)hector.jpg (29759 bytes)

Wolfy (^0-o^), Demo, JPav, Starsa, Hector


VIV MAC ojuls.jpg (63439 bytes) yo.jpg (25194 bytes)

V, Mac, Treefrog, Ojuls, Juan

FOXYDOT SANNA  gto.gif (122148 bytes) ebe.jpg (7676 bytes) Rich3.jpg (58066 bytes)

 Foxydot (doesn't like us anymore), Sanna (wont speak to me), gto, hi-esp-israel (in india now - mad), old coyote


ASHTAROSE ANARION JEFF  coral_smiley.jpg (48148 bytes) 

Ashtarose, Anarion, Jeff-pod, Coral (Puppetwoman), Crazy


presentday_neuro.jpg (45404 bytes) PELE & PSIMAN JORDY EBE   

Neuro, Pele & Psiman, Jordy (she sings), Ebe, Joe Black


ELCAT Trav.jpg (5899 bytes) DREAMWALKER GPS om.JPG (17691 bytes)

Elcat (drunk), Menhir, Dreamwalker, GPS, Om

NANO kp&mp.jpg (88432 bytes) NCJ file12.jpg (99914 bytes)

 Nano (where is she?), KP & MP, ncj, kitty, Sarah


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